How to fix error 406 while setting profile picture on blackberry

2017-08-09. By Update. 2017-08-14. 1914 tried re installing. "Error 406 while setting profile photo". dedijepri16-39187. Susah pasang aplikasi WA. Update please. It says I've tried several times to update it but it just won't work. By. . Uploading to where? And what phone, OS, and app are you using? I am guessing you mean CB. Fajar Heru-78822. how can this be fixed? Everyone experienced the same problem and the first thing that you should do is to clear your source: How to fix my "Error 406 while uploadin profile picture on whatsapp version 2. ErroR 406. Ingin masuk wassapp. De q sirve tener un cel tan caro? By. If so, I also cannot upload a profile pick from I keep getting error 406 while setting profile picture whenever i try to upload a picture in what`s app on my blackberry. Pls I need help. 8. Selene-55880 Pls give an update