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We know oviya's character she s pounding for love and true relationship, very honest, straight forward, best Jul 24, 2017 Disclaimer: Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and this post is about my views. Copy link . help because she is supposed to be feeling depressed and not fine. com/article/entertainment/tamil/bigg-boss-tamil-distressed-oviya-jumps-into-swimming-pool-to-quit-the-show-4783295Aug 5, 2017 Oviya wants to quit Bigg Boss Tamil During which Aarav said he only treated her as a good friend and he had no special feelings for her. Let him suffer, suffer, suffer, be tortured by the inmates, and feel guilty for what he did to Oviya. Loading Unsubscribe from bigg boss? Bigg Boss Oviya Exclusive Interview For Her Fans | Oviya Says " I www. com/youtube?q=biggboss+oviya+feeling&v=NlVkIqRR0sM Aug 7, 2017 Bigg Boss Oviya reached fame after stepping into Bigg Boss House. htmlAug 2, 2017 Oviya Helen has been bringing home the TRPs for Bigg Boss Tamil this year. More. Aug 2, 2017 Aarav is playing with oviya's feeling. Aug 7, 2017 Since her appearance in Bigg Boss Tamil in June this year, Oviya has Although she said she will try and keep her feelings aside for Aarav Jul 31, 2017 Bigg boss tamil, oviya, who is a contestant in bigg boss is a poster child to get people to speak on Why do we feel guilty for our downtime?Aug 3, 2017 Aarav also discussed the issue with Snehan and Shakthi, who felt that Aarav was not comfortable with Oviya, but also thought that he was not Aug 4, 2017 So vote for Aarav and keep him in the BB prison. Aug 3, 2017 Feeling uncomfortable with the intimacy show, Aarav is said to have told Oviya to behave in front of others appropriately. Bigg Boss Tamil: How Oviya Helen became the premiere season's www. By Gautham Aug 8, 2017 However, after the exit from Bigg Boss Tamil, Oviya Helen has reality show as she couldn't control her feeling for another participant Aarav. . tamil bigg boss oviya feeling song vijay tv. com/entertainment/bigg-boss-tamil-how-oviya-helen-became-the-premiere-seasons-most-sensational-contestant-3884305. ask. Aug 5, 2017 tamil bigg boss oviya feeling song vijay tv. bigg boss. firstpost. Bigg Boss Oviya exited the Bigg Boss Show, after feeling the stress in  Bigg Boss Tamil: 'Distressed' Oviya jumps into swimming pool to quit indianexpress. If you are a hardcore Oviya fan, please don't read this as Those who wanted Gayathri out of Bigg Boss are upset that through a Q& A test, she The police complaint said that Oviya had attempted suicide inside the Bigg They feel that such tasks should not be given as it could lead to a dangerous Jul 1, 2017 Oviya from Bigg Boss Tamil has made headlines after proposing Aarav on the All the Oviya fans out there, are you feeling happy or jealous?Aug 8, 2017 ''If I go inside Bigg Boss, I will wear Oviya army tshirt'' There were also portions where Gayathri didn't feel right about Kamal Haasan advising Am i the only one felt since #Oviya left #BiggBossTamil is full of negativity . Jul 22, 2017 Since the start of Bigg Boss, Oviya has been more of an individualist than a However, considering her background, I feel certain harsh words Aug 4, 2017 Bigg Boss contestant Oviya to leave the show post the tiff with Aarav. How beautiful that BIGG BOSS TAMIL @BiggBossTamilll Aug 10