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Peace Corps-Hausa Course for Nigeria - Image The United Nations has granted 7 slots to the Officers of the Nigerian Peace Corps (NPC), to enable it participate in all United Nations meetings and conferences Mar 2, 2017 Sashen kuma na buga labaran gida Najeria, da sauran duniya, 'Yansanda Sun Kama Kwamandan Kungiyar Sa Kai ko Peace Corps - 2' 42". Akoh Dickson da Jul 25, 2017 “The right vested by the Bill in clause 37 (1) (a) on members of the Corps to “access all records of any person or authority” is too broad in scope Jan 10, 2017 TAIYE ODEWALE takes a look at the move by the Nigerian Peace Corps to get legal teeth after President Muhammadu Buhari would have What the nation therefore needs today in order to develop and build ideal democratic culture is unity not disunity, peace not war, wine not blood and bread not Nov 24, 2016 The Senate on Thursday passed the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill which seeks to empower, develop and provide gainful employment for youths. This is a free Hausa course created by the US Peace Corps and brought to you by the Live Lingua Project. The Commandant of the Nigeria Peace Corps (NPC) in Osun State, Mr Paul Ayinde, has cautioned youths against fraternising with sinister groups operating in Mar 2, 2017 Babban Shafi; Labarai kai samame a hedkwar Kungiyar Sa Kai ko Peace Corps a turance inda suka kama kwamandan Mr.