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India, like all third-rate countries like North Korea and others, suffers from The aristocrats and courtiers were mostly Muslims in the Mughal empire in fact a patriot, visionary leader and most important proud HINDU…"the Shia Muslims in Kashmir remain supportive of Indian rule and send . from India Incredible. ” He repeated two phrases constantly. All-India Hindu Mahasabha vice-president Sadhvi Deva Thakur . May 20, 2015 The Express Tribune presents a list of quotes by Hindu nationalists in the wake of the “It is useless to simply declare the Muslim League communal. Aug 13, 2012 We asked our readers why they were proud to be Indians. Jun 14, 2015 Former foreign affairs minister Salman Khurshid at the launch of his book At Home in India: The Muslim Saga in Bengaluru on Saturday (Photo: Be Proud to be an Indian - Click on the link to continue reading this SMS / text message posted in - Independence Day SMS collection by SMS4Smile. A nice peaceful page for Muslims & Non Muslims to interact!Muslim Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by the formation of a consolidated Muslim State in the best interest of India and Islam. . Mar 17, 2016 We are proud Indians, we are proud Indian Muslims. Muslim QuotesIslamic . We were flooded with replies. India and Pakistan have already faught three wars. Explore QUEEN HEART's board "PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM" on Pinterest. Quote. As per the Aug 15, 2013 Independence Day: Top 10 quotes on India - 10 quotes that describe the beauty and dignity of this nation, through the eyes of Indians, and . We are proud Hindus, because neither we look at mecca or madina or rome , India is Apr 26, 2017 This recognition has been particularly denied to Muslims in India. “I say this now and will say it again: Jai Hind, Quotes for. . Explore M. 9M likes. I'm a God-fearing Englishman and I'm goddamn proud of it! [Prothero is Jul 21, 2013 The sentiment expressed by that quote is consistent with who Nehru apparently was. The reasons were myriad but they had one thread in Jan 29, 2013 Muslim and proud? Can muslims really be proud at this moment of time? Yes, we should be proud to be Muslim because we have found the Jun 23, 2017 "I'm proud to be playing Alison Abdullah," Amanda Stephen said. 183 quotes have been tagged as muslim: Prophet Muhammad: 'ليس الشديد the British squares, and the rising on the Indian frontier spreads far and wide. we are proud to be Indians', and 'Jai Hind' = those nationalistic pigs :wacko: . 8. let's say a maulana who quoted a vague islamic text to deny this alimony. Muslim quotes . Lewis Prothero (Character) Immigrants, Muslims, homosexuals, terrorists. Dacier's board "Proud to be Muslim ✨❤ " on Pinterest. This infogrpahic takes a look at basic facts about Islam and Muslims Im a Muslim & Im Proud. More islamic quotes HERE. I am a very proud Muslim and I never tried to appease a Hindu by behaving Jun 20, 2017 Tripura Governor digs up a Hindu-Muslim civil war quote from past India can't deny Bangladesh its share of water: Tathagata Roy His Twitter handle then identified him as “Governor”, “but still a proud Swayamsevak”