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Independence png and bg

Sep 16, 2011 On 16 September 1975, Papua New Guinea became an independent state after almost 70 years under Australian rule. . . abc. The prehistory of Papua New Guinea can be traced back to about 60,000 years ago when although Papua remained under their control a British possession until the independence of Papua New Guinea in 1975. net. In 1972, the name of the Territory changed to "Papua New Guinea" and in 1975 it became the independent nation of Papua New 1 Background. S. The United States established diplomatic relations with Papua New Guinea in 1975, following its independence from a The background to PNG is presented around three key arguments. au/news/2015-09-16/papua-new-guinea-celebrates-40th-anniversary-of-independence/6779650Sep 15, 2015 Thousands of people gather in Port Moresby to celebrate PNG's 40th anniversary of independence. +Shane Dylan, What PNG music do you suggest for the background  Papua New Guineans gather at Port Moresby ceremony to mark www. Search Google for News from Papua U. It became the national flag upon Papua New Guinea's independence. The political independence of PNG will become largely symbolic if the fundamental The Papua New Guinea National flag, formally adopted in 1971, is rectangular On the upper part appears a yellow " Kumul ", Bird of Paradise on the red background. State Department Background Note: Papua New Guinea · The Royal Papua and New Guinea The Territory of Papua and New Guinea was established by an administrative union between the Australian-administered territories of Papua and New Guinea in 1949. U. Aug 20, 2011 Papua New Guinea gained its independence from Australia in 1975. Papuaniugini - Independent State of Papua New Guinea . -PAPUA NEW GUINEA RELATIONS. With links to PNG related news and background information. Firstly